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My Name is Nigel Winchester and I began cutting hair in barbershops, where I worked for many years prior to creating Officially Faded. Spending that time in barbershops opened my eyes to the wait times and queues.

I noticed people would often wait for a couple of hours on busy days.


This prompted me to think about how I could offer a more efficient service so people wouldn't have to wait.
This is were the idea to start a mobile barbering studio began with a goal to make the things convenient for the client. 

I wanted Officially Faded to be more than just a name, I wanted it to be a brand people would recognise.

I happened upon an auction where I picked up an unlikely mobile barbering studio…an ambulance.

I had a vision for it. So I spent countless hours kitting it out, painting and designing it to deliver a luxury experience for my clients, that would fit around their busy schedules.



Signature Haircut


Beard Shaving

Beard Trim

Cut & Shave


Eyebrow Threading






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Phone: 07444850084



Quantock Rise

Luton LU3 4AB


United Kingdom


Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm
​​Saturday: 8am - 4pm


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Natalie Wortley

With 3 boys (4 if you include the husband!) haircuts have always been a chore. Nigel squeezed us in for a pre xmas cut and was amazing! Literally just sent the kids out one by one and they all came back saying can we book him again! Highly recommend.

Will Warren

Had my first trim from Nigel. Well overdue, can honestly say he's done an amazing job. the missus said it's the best cut I've had so it's definitely good. Very down to earth, very professional, a great laugh and extremely convenient. booked the next one already.


Emily Panteli

We can’t rave enough about Officially faded. My boys hate having their hair cut but Nigel made it a fun experience for them, especially because they got to have their hair cut in his kitted out van on our doorstep, which is such a great idea if you don’t fancy a trip out to the barbers and don’t have time to tidy the house before visits! We’ve never known what style will suit the boys best but Nigel knew straight away from looking at them and they boys are really happy to have their first cool, big boy styled hair cut!